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6-Week Meal Plan

I have created a 6-Week Meal Plan that provides you with six types of purified eating. You get to try going plant-based for a week, eat a variety of proteins during another week & create meals with a "painted" mindset a different week. 

My goal with this meal plan isn't to give you a crazy diet that makes you drop a significant amount of weight, but to guide you into a new lifestyle. Being in good shape is about more than just weight loss & a meal plan likes this opens your mind to eating a variety of foods that will eventually lead you to not only a healthy weight, but a happy body.

My 6-Week plan begins each week with a shopping list, a recommended item to kick-start each morning, an allowed dessert list & daily recipes that include ingredients & detailed directions for each meal. 

You get to try vegan, gluten-free & whole-grain recipes - giving you the opportunity to explore what makes you feel the best. 

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