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About Helen

Hi there! I am so happy you are here :) 

A little about me & SBYW - I started my blog after graduating college in 2014. I was a 4-year collegiate Track & Field athlete, but I was just starting to really get into health & fitness. Sure, I would work out often & train for my sport, but I didn't really know how to eat right & I didn't treat my body the way it deserved.

So I wanted a place to store the recipes I was trying as well as the workouts I created. I realized quickly that a variety of workouts including: circuit training, HIIT, functional moves & yoga were my best friends. They got me to a healthier body & functional mindset. Things fell into place physically.

Because I was helping my parents with their wedding rental business at the time, I quickly became surrounded by brides & decided that those women, the ones who were about to transition into a new lifestyle with their significant other, were the ones who I wanted to focus on. I wanted to help them find their routine & feel the best on their big day. So poof, that's when Shred before you Wed came about!

Now, I strive to help females (whether you are getting married or not!) find what works best for them & their body & I absolutely love it!