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Is this guide beginner friendly?

Yes! My guide progressively gets more challenging as you move through each week, but it is open for any level of fitness because you decide how hard you want to push yourself each day. I give you times for circuit, repetition #s for exercises & distances to achieve, but how fast & how much you push yourself is up to you. This allows you to start the program at a low-level of fitness & progressively get better! 

What equipment is needed?

The program requires 2 dumbbells (recommend 8 lbs), 1 medicine ball (recommend 6 lbs) & a bench of some sort (can be one at a park). That's it! I recommend a jump rope as there are moments of jump roping, but if you don't have one, you can simply complete the jump roping motion with your arms & legs. 

Do I need a gym membership?

Nope! I actually recommend that you complete this program outdoors if you are able (depending on weather & safety issues) because it is just so GOOD to exercise outdoors.

*NOTE: if you do not have a hill that you can run on OR if you live where it is often cold/rainy/snowy, I do recommend you have a gym membership or a workout area at home with a treadmill that you have access to during the cold season. 

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