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Warm vs. Cold Water

Water hydrates. Duh, that is a given. But have you ever thought about what the temperature of the water can do for you?

I'm not some water expert, but I have done my own research & have had discussions in college classes about water temperature. Here's a brief breakdown: 

Cold Water:

  • Burns calories because it causes the body to work to increase the temperature before absorbing
  • Less absorption due to a constriction in blood vessels, therefore less hydrating 
  • Helps decrease body temperature after a workout & aids in quick recovery (good for athletes during a game) 

Warm Water (and why I personally like it better):

  • Hydrates "better" because it does not cause blood vessels to constrict 
  • Better for digestion because warm water does not cause fats to solidify, therefore allowing easier digestion & dispersion of unwanted fats from the body
  • **Warm water is great in the morning because it helps flush kidneys & assists with bowel movements 
  • Stimulates glands in stomach & prepares stomach for food before meal
  • After meal: detoxifies & aids with digestion


Food (or water hehe) for thought :) 

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