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Shred before you Wed is a fitness and workout blog that features wedding workouts, bridal fitness and getting into shape for your wedding and onward!

Why purchase Shred before you Wed?

So I am super excited to announce that Shred before you Wed will be available for purchase Sunday, November 30 at noon (PST)!! A day earlier than it's original date.

I want to make it available earlier for you ladies who would like to get started on Monday!

But here is why Shred before you Wed is a MUST HAVE:

  • Ladies, I created this guide with YOU in mind. I understand that not everyone has a gym membership, not everyone wants to or is able to workout for multiple hours a day... that is completely understandable & is completely UNNECESSARY. Hours a day is not required in order to have a fit, toned & healthy body so my guide allows for you to workout 6 days a week for about 45 minutes-1 hour/day. All you need is: 2 dumbbells, a medicine ball & some sort of bench or step. 
  • SBYW includes images for each exercise, every day. You don't need to "remember" how to complete an exercise from Week 1 during Week 7, because I not only write down the exercise name, rep & set #s, but I include IMAGES of me doing the exercise. 
  • My Guide is BEGINNER FRIENDLY. I purposely created this guide for the girl who has never worked out or the girl who has been on a sports team or has been going to the gym for years. How? This guide is self-competitive... meaning you push yourself as much as you would like. Numbers are given & time is given, but how fast & how hard you do these exercises is up to you. As YOU get stronger, your numbers get better. 
  • GOAL SETTING: Each week I challenge you with new goals based around fitness, nutrition & your relationships. This not only challenges you physically, but mentally, spiritually & emotionally as well because that is ALL part of a healthy body! 
  • SBYW is focused on TONING & FAT LOSS. The Nutrition Guidelines portion pushes you to eat well & the exercises/workouts given are specific towards achieving a toned & LEAN body. 
  • That brings me to the fact that I include a Nutrition portion for FREE because nutrition is SO important in your health & fitness journey. 
  • COMMUNITY: Shred before you Wed (#sbyw) is becoming a community & I want YOU to be a part of it. I want us to post photos of our health journeys & transformations with the hashtag #sbyw so we can keep up with each other's progress & motivate & support each other! 
  • LESS THAN $1/WORKOUT: that's right, my price is so good that each workout is not even a dollar. I purposely priced this guide as low as I possibly could because I don't want finances to be an excuse. You can spend this $57.00 ($45.60 through December ;) on getting the body YOU desire for your wedding or simply for YOURSELF. So NO EXCUSES.

Alright ladies, this guide will be available to you tomorrow, get ready to begin & let's do it! 

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