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10 Things that Happen When you Start Working Out

I've seen a lot of posts lately on social media sites about New Year's resolutions, humorous posts about working out & "how to maintain your resolutions", etc. I got the idea for this post from other ones I have seen, but these are my top 10 favorite things that start to happen when you, & others, begin to see results from your newfound love of working out & living a healthy lifestyle :) 

  1. You are now able to walk around work, the neighborhood, take the stairs, etc. without getting out of breath
  2. All of a sudden you are sleeping SO well - no more waking up in the middle of the night or tossing & turning trying to fall asleep to begin with. 
  3. The people who once thought you were crazy or annoying with all of the time you put into your body are now asking you for advice on how to better theirs ;)
  4. Healthy eating becomes a way of a life - not forced... & you begin to CRAVE healthy foods - especially those yummy, natural-sugary fruits <3
  5. Your skin is so CLEAR & GLOWS
  6. None of your clothes fit anymore - time to go SHOPPING!
  7. You want it to be summer & hot so you can be in a bathing suit all of the time... because YOU are now HOT. Or you suggest going to the hottub all of the time during the winter... 
  8. Workouts become fun & enjoyable - you no longer are forcing yourself to complete your workouts because you now truly ENJOY them
  9. Your significant other can't get enough of touching your butt & abs because they apparently are now your best features (hehe)
  10. Being sore is now an accomplishment & feels oh so good...

I hope you guys have enjoyed these & although I put my own touch of humor in this (you may not have found any of them funny - hahaha), but it's all SO TRUE.

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