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Shred before you Wed is a fitness and workout blog that features wedding workouts, bridal fitness and getting into shape for your wedding and onward!

6 Reasons to be FIT for your Wedding

I decided to focus Bodies by H on brides because I want to help women feel confident & healthy on their wedding day. But not only that, I want to help them carry on this new healthy lifestyle as they go through the start of their marriage & later, the start of a bigger family.

That being said, it is a priority to look good for your wedding - you want to have beautiful photos & look like the bride you always imagined yourself to be, but there are so many more reasons to be FIT for your wedding day. It is a long, tiring day & you want to enjoy every second of it. Take a look at these reasons & decide today that you will commit these last months leading up to your wedding to your health.

1. The Dress - Not many brides think about this, but that dress is heavy. Most wedding dresses weigh anywhere from 8-20 lbs depending on the style & how long the train is. This means that you are carrying around a lot of extra weight for an entire afternoon/evening & if you haven't been conditioning, you will get tired very quickly. 

2. Dancing - Chances are you have been taking dance lessons with your husband-to-be & you guys have a wonderful choreographed dance prepared to share in front of all of your family & friends. But this dance comes a little later in the night, after all of the emotions of the ceremony & usually a session of photos. This means you need to have your game-face on for a long period of time...That takes endurance. And endurance comes from training ;)

3. Facial Expression - No one wants to look tired on their wedding day. Although this may come from a lot of stress the final weeks before the big day, exercising during this busy time allows for you to manage your stress. Not only that, but working out assists your body in getting a good night's rest & so you will sleep much better the last few days before the date if you supplement your busy schedule with exercise.

4. Healthy Skin - Wedding photos will obviously be edited & photoshopped... but did you know you can save a lot of money if you aren't airbrushing your skin in every photo? Of course every bride wants to have clear skin & beautiful makeup, but how awesome would it be if your skin was naturally the way you wanted? Eating fresh food, drinking plenty of water & sweating a lot rejuvenates your skin. Workout hard, wash your face & apply a homemade mask - your skin will thank you!

5. Honeymoon Hot Bod - If you're spending your honeymoon in a tropical place (hopefully you are!), I'm guessing you want to look top-notch in a bikini. Healthy eating & hard workouts will get you there by your wedding day!

6. The Wedding Night - After a long day of crazy emotions, let's be real, you don't want to be tired. You want to enjoy the end of your night with your new husband... if you know what I mean ;) Enough said... :)