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Mental Game - The Brutal Truth

I'm in a sassy mood so here's my warning to you about this blog post - it's very blunt :) 

"Mind over matter" - I'm sure you've heard that before. It's a mental game. Your mind is in control of your health. It's not rocket science people & it's all about how you look at things. 

I'm not sure when or why society began to think that exercising was a chore, or eating natural, good foods wasn't tasty. Think about it. What you put into your body matters. If you swallow crap, you're going to look & more importantly, feel crappy. If you don't workout regularly, you will feel tired often & you won't have a toned body. It's all pretty simple, but why is it so hard to play out? Here's my opinion:

We beat ourselves up mentally. We overthink things & dwell on small mistakes, creating this obsession over wanting to be perfect & not being able to live up to our personal expectations. Sometimes we get on this great streak of exercising & eating well & then we break it with one bad meal or one skipped workout & we panic. This little panic becomes big & then we start backtracking.

But you know what? It's okay to not be perfect. It's okay to have balance, cheat here & there... it's about a healthy lifestyle -physically & mentally! 

I ran my first half-marathon yesterday & it was one of the biggest mental challenges I've experienced. The last two miles were hell, but I didn't let myself stop. I told myself that it was possible - that I didn't need to walk & that I was going to be so happy when I finished in my goal time of less than 2 hours. I finished in 1:52 & it seriously was such an accomplishment, but it was a battle between my legs & my brain & I am so glad that my brain won. 

Those 13.1 miles proved to me that I really can accomplish what I mentally prepare myself for. It is possible to encourage yourself. To be the one that pushes you to the next level. To be the one that believes something is possible even if no one else believes it. 

So write down your goal & start working towards it. Write down mini-goals to accomplish along the way & mentally stick to it. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. So let me leave you with this - yes you can. 

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