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Shred before you Wed is a fitness and workout blog that features wedding workouts, bridal fitness and getting into shape for your wedding and onward!


Hi ladies! So even though life is busy, I want you to make time for your health. Your workouts & your meals. Here are a few tips to make sure you stay on track with your fitness goals:  

1. Set out your clothes for the next day: your workout attire & your work/school clothes. If you go to the gym & shower there, pack everything you need the night before. This makes the morning much less hectic & gives you more time for your workout. 

2. Prep your meals: Especially your lunch if you eat at work - breakfast & dinner can be done at home, but pack a nice big spinach salad with some chicken or eggs & some veggies - add some olive oil & pepper & BOOM, you have a healthy & filling lunch. Pack a few baggies of fruit, veggies or nuts as a snack throughout the day! 

3. WATER BOTTLE: Have one! And set a goal to drink about 3 bottles a day (approx. 8-9 cups or 2 liters per day) 

4. Set your alarm: When you set your alarm at night for an early morning workout (which I highly recommend rather than truing to get to the gym after work when you are tired), mentally tell yourself as you are going to bed that you are excited & ready for a solid morning workout. Have a calendar or goal settings sheet that you use to mark off your workouts each day so you have a physical "CHECK" with yourself each day. 

5. Strive to workout 5 days/week: There is no need to be at the gym every single day. It's been proven that when your goal is to attend the gym every day, you are less likely to continue & keep that goal. It is healthy to take days off (or go for a walk or a hike instead) - so start with 4 or 5 days/week & become consistent with that. You will see healthy changes & you won't burn out! 

xoxo ~ H 

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