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Live Beaming "Active Cleanse" Review

Preface: I do NOT advocate or believe in “juicing” & only having juices for meals. I have never been a fan of those “detoxes” or anything of that sort. So that being said… :)

Ladies! A few days ago I finished my 3-day “Active Cleanse” with Beaming. They are a store with a few locations in Southern CA that have the most AMAZING juices, smoothies, salads, wraps, snacks, etc. 

On top of having amazing foods to just grab & enjoy with a friend, they have different options of cleanses that you can do. After I came back from my vacation, I wanted to reboot & get back on track, so I decided to do their 3-day “Active Cleanse.” This cleanse is based around proper amounts of protein, whole foods, tons of greens & rejuvenating juices. 

What I love about Beaming’s approach is that it’s not just juice… they provided me with green salads, quinoa salads, chia pudding, protein bites, tea, smoothies & even chocolate cashew brittle! I felt completely satisfied through each day & I had plenty of energy to get through my long, hectic days of training sessions. I also had enough energy to work out each day & it didn’t change my pace of lifestyle at all. 

I honestly only advocate things I truly enjoy & believe in (by the way I paid for this cleanse - it wasn’t like Beaming offered me stuff for free to promote them! :) so you should definitely look into it! If you’re not in the San Diego or Los Angeles area, they do deliver! 

The thing I enjoyed most was that this motivated me to continue eating this way. Yes, I am a healthy eater (for the most part ;) BUT this gave me new ideas for new recipes & showed me the way my body COULD feel on a daily basis if I provided it with all of the nutrients it needs. 

Eating clean & training hard does NOT need to be boring or a chore. Think about nourishing your body & Beaming can definitely help you out :)

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