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5 Reasons why Exercise makes you HAPPY

There is so much research on why when you exercise, you are physically put in a better mood. It not only makes you happier, but it has been proven to CURE many diseases & disorders including depression, memory loss, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, anger, etc. 

So here are 5 SCIENTIFICALLY proven reasons for why exercise makes you happy.  

1. Exercise = Stress to your brain... As many of you already know, when your blood pressure increases, your body releases endorphins, a chemical that fights stress. Your body sees exercise as a moment of stress, so these endorphins are released in order to minimize the discomfort of exercise & even associating your body with a moment of euphoria. 

2. Sure you've probably heard of endorphins, but have you heard of a protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor? BDNF has a reparative & protective factor to your memory neurons, acting as a reset switch & decreasing your chance of memory loss. Yes this is great for older people, but by beginning regular exercise at a young age, you help yourself avoid memory issues in the future! 

3. Lessens your risk of depression - in a study done by Cochrane Review, they compared exercise to a common anti-depressant & found that both were equally effective in reducing depressive symptoms! How much cooler is that than filling your body with meds! 

4. Exercise helps you sleep better - & we all know well rested people are happy people! Whether you exercise in the morning or evening, consistent exercise depletes energy stores from your body that sleep helps restore. This allows your body to fall into a deep sleep sooner & for longer, helping your muscles recover & aiding you in waking up full of energy rather than still tired. 

5. Exercise boosts confidence. I am not advocating that everyone try to achieve the "perfect" body because a)many people of many different definitions of their "perfect" body & b)there's no reason to be obsessed with looking a certain way, BUT exercise has proven to build confidence because now you are stronger, more energized, & PROUD. These qualities also characterize HAPPINESS. 

Helen Bavin1 Comment