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"Outside" Confidence vs. "Inside" Confidence

As a personal trainer, I'm overwhelmingly & sometimes unhealthily (is that a word ;) obsessed with how my body looks... That sounds bad. And honestly it is.

It's funny because I notice every little change in my body. If I feel bloated one day I recollect on what I ate & what I've been doing "wrong" or if I'm unable to complete a certain amount of push-ups one day I feel as though I've "lost strength." 

I'm owning up to this because I don't want anyone to think that I'm "perfect." My body is not perfect & neither is my mood or my relationships, etc. But here's the thing... I know these things are normal to feel, but I never want my entire life to be consumed around my physical appearance. 

Every time I doubt my body (whether based on looks or strength), I stop myself & take the time to remember that I'm not always going to look a certain way. I won't always be able to rep out push-ups or run for miles. I tell myself to focus on MYSELF, the "inside." 

To me, the inside includes personality, relationships, desires, passions, love AND health. I want to be a beautiful person on the inside & to me, that comes with everything listed above. The inside includes what I eat & the exercise that allows me to FEEL good, but it does NOT include the way I look. 

I train, I practice yoga, I run for my inner health. And as soon as it starts becoming superficial, I have promised myself to recollect & remember why I am on this fitness journey. It's not for appearance... it's so I can live a life that is healthy on the INSIDE.

This is why "outside" or superficial confidence is honestly useless. The confidence I feel on the inside about who I am and who I want to be is 100 times more important to me than a body fat % or how many "packs" of abs I have.

As you look at my Instagram posts or click through my website pages, please remember that I am constantly on a journey of bettering my inside beauty. THAT is my goal <3  

xoxo ~ H

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