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How to stay Motivated & continue Working Out in Cooler Weather... brrrrr

So it's officially the start of my first "real" fall & winter season because I've lived in SoCal my entire life & let's be honest, winter there doesn't really count :)

I've noticed that it's definitely much harder to get out of bed & get moving, but I have been managing to make my 6am workouts still happen! Even with the sun rising much later, the temperature hitting 34 degrees some evenings & rain beating on the roof, I'm pushing through.

I have thought about "letting things go" due to the fact that big sweaters & scarves don't really show off my body, but 3 reasons keep me motivated to make myself look good:

  1. Summer bodies are made in the Winter
  2. Wellness & my Health 
  3. I still want to look good naked :D haha! seriously though! 

With that being said, I wanted to share with you what has been working for me & hope it helps you get your booty out of bed, no matter what the weather holds. 

  • Hot Showers (before my workout!) - yep that's right! If my body is just stiff & not feeling it, I put my hair up in a bun, rinse my face in the sink with cold water to wake myself up (I know this part sucks) & then get in the shower with hot water running. I don't wash my hair or anything, just spend a few minutes in there to warm up my muscles! 
  • Plan Ahead - the night before I will lay my clothes out & place them in the bathroom, that way I'm not wasting time fumbling around looking for my favsies sports bra. 
  • In-Home Workout by the Heater - haha this is my new thing! I literally will stand in front of our electric heater in the family room & do my workout. I'll run in place, do jump rope, core, push ups, squats, anything that fits in that little space. This gets me warmed up real quick & I feel accomplished because I got a sweat in! This is also my FAVorite place to do yoga :) 
  • Hot Water with Lemon - Rather than drinking coffee or tea right away, I hydrate myself with a large glass of hot water (I mix in a little cold water so I can drink it right away), & I squeeze in a few drops of fresh lemon. I drink this throughout my workout & feel rejuvenated.
  • Keep it Short - most of my workouts, especially morning ones, are only about 20 minutes. Keeping it short will keep you motivated & get you on your way. Also, I don't do intense workouts everyday, I plan at least 2 days a week of simple core & lots of stretching... ahhh. 

I hope this helps you push through the fall & winter! Cold weather doesn't have to stop us from improving & maintaining our health & most importantly, achieving those sexy summer bods! 

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