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Sparks, Devils & Elk Lake Adventure

What a beautiful day to be out & about in Bend! Tylor's parents are in town so we decided to look at some of the beautiful sites this city has to offer. We have seen these lakes from the top of Mt. Bachelor, and so Tylor mapped out our plan, starting at Sparks Lake. We took the 1(ish) mile Ray Atkeson trail to see some amazing lava rocks & get all sorts of views of Sparks Lake. 

The hike itself was very easy & had signs that took you through this shorter route. There is a longer hiking trail, but due to our excitement of getting to the other 2 lakes, we decided to go the shorter route! The view of the mountains behind the lake or just unbelievable. Here are a few photos! 

Next up was Devils Lake. This lake is much smaller, but it was a BEAUTIFUL aqua blue color. I have never seen anything like it (you can see it in the back part of the photos - up close by our feet it was marshier so it looks greener). We just did a short walk around the trail & let Kora chase a few sticks in the water. This is a popular camping location & after seeing how gorgeous this camping site is, it is now on our list!

I was so happy that I brought a pair of shorts, because as it got later in the morning, it definitely started warming up. But the morning was chilly so I don't regret starting in leggings!

Our last stop was Elk Lake which was by far the most crowded. They have a lodge where we had lunch (& where Kane begged for food haha!). The food was so good, especially for being way out there, & no complaints about my refreshing Mojito :) 

After we ate, we took the dogs down by the water & let Kora play in the water. There were so many other dogs there running around & that's definitely something that is so refreshing about Bend... it is SO dog friendly - something that I'm not quite used to. The water was ice cold, but felt refreshing on my feet & Kora did not seem to mind it at all :) 

We noticed that at all three lakes, people had their kayaks out. Definitely something to think about investing in! Some people even had paddle boards & dogs were out on the lake with their owners in their kayaks or paddle boards.

Total it took about 6 hours including all of the driving, stops & photography. Such a perfect Saturday!