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Shred before you Wed is a fitness and workout blog that features wedding workouts, bridal fitness and getting into shape for your wedding and onward!

Why I left my job at the gym

I love health & fitness, but I hate the health & fitness industry. It's become such a sales market. "Buy this for fast results" "Get this protein powder to gain muscle" "Pay for 3 months of personal training sessions & you will reach your results, guaranteed!" ... ugh sound familiar? 

Just before we moved to Bend, I was in San Diego, working at a 24 Hour Fitness SuperSport - I loved my clients & I loved my co-workers, but I continued to tell Tylor "I don't want to work in a gym for much longer."

Then, when we decided to make this move to a new city, I felt obligated to line up another job at a gym. It's not that I don't enjoy being a personal trainer, it's everything else that comes hand in hand with working in a gym setting... and just 2 weeks into the job, I decided that for my health & happiness, I would leave. 

The sales. If I am being completely honest, this is the biggest reason I decided to leave the gym setting. I didn't major in Sales or Marketing for a reason. It's not my thing. It takes away from focusing on a client & creating workout programs. When you have to hit certain numbers each month, it begins to weigh on you like a dark cloud - & that isn't fair to me. I didn't sign up for a sales job. 

I gained my personal training certification to help others...females specifically. And when I feel like I need to "sell" - it takes away from my original passion. Maybe one day I can make fitness a full-time career on my terms, but for now, I got a job working at a physical therapy office as an aide & just 2 days ago started working at a boarding kennel. I cannot tell you the sense of relief I felt walking out of the gym knowing I don't have to "Sell" training anymore.

Bodies by H, this blog & my social media accounts, are about my passion, my desire to help YOU & my love for fitness. It's not about selling - it's about health & happiness. And now that fitness isn't a "full-time career", I can finally treat it as the hobby I love & pay my bills some other way. Praise the Lord :) 


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