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Shred before you Wed is a fitness and workout blog that features wedding workouts, bridal fitness and getting into shape for your wedding and onward!

Transition into Fall with Lululemon

As you all know, I have a little obsession with Lululemon - definitely a guilty pleasure...just like my rose! A store just opened up in our city & I am so excited because I thought I was going to have to learn to live without visiting (and shopping, duh) in a store. Online shopping with such a great company just doesn't cut it. They have so many fun community events so I am very excited that they are now in town! 

I picked up these new tights (all the right places crop ii) & they are just the perfect combo with a black sports bra (fast as light bra). I'm not quite the type to pair black with black (but most of my leggings are black so I do it sometimes), but this combo is just the right pair! 

As my little spandex shorts go back into the closet for awhile, these crops & this black Namaskar hoodie will help me transition into a cooler season! Click the hoodie link - I just found this jacket on Poshmark for just $45! That is insane & it's a size 4 for you ladies interested. I am wearing a size 6 here just because I like jackets to be a little bigger! 

Love this brand, the fit, the style & the practicality. Prices are rough, BUT I've never had to throw out a piece of their clothing because the material & the authenticity of their clothes lasts SO long! 

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