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Shred before you Wed is a fitness and workout blog that features wedding workouts, bridal fitness and getting into shape for your wedding and onward!

5 Tips to Get Started in your Health & Fitness Journey

Sometimes it's just so hard to get started. No matter how motivated you are or how badly you want to be a healthier you, it's hard to take that first step or to make that first major change. So I came up with my top 5 tips to just get going in your journey to healthier & fitter self. Start making these little changes when you wake up tomorrow morning & see how far it will take you!

1. Start by waking up just 20 minutes earlier than you do: Tomorrow morning, set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than you normally would & go for a walk or complete an easy stretching session. To get started, don't feel like you need to be doing a 1 hour high-intensity workout in the morning - this will burn you out very quick and be discouraging. Start with something very doable & build from there. You will feel so much better by just taking that little bit of time to get your blood flow going & body moving in the morning before you start your day.

2. Lay out your workout clothes the night before: This helps me SO much. When my clothes are set in my bathroom, socks and shoes included, I get up, get dressed & get moving. No time is wasted fumbling for clothes or trying to find my favorite sports bra. It takes just a minute in the evening, but in the morning it can sometimes take 5-10 minutes to find clothes just because it's early... am I right?? Hah! So set them out the night before!

3. Cut out one sugary drink or snack from your day: Eating healthy & cleaning up your diet is SO challenging, trust me, I know... I absolutely LOVE sugar & bread (sour patch kids, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, french bread loaf, you name it I love it) BUT I have successfully taken out many of these things from my diet except for special occasions. I'm even surprised I was able to do it! But the trick? It was a PROCESS. So start by taking out one soda, one sugary juice, or a snack bar that has more than 12 grams of sugar in it. After a few weeks, this will feel pretty natural, so then cut out one more until your daily food diary consists of whole foods & small amounts of sugar (less than 40 grams/day!) It's doable, just start small :)

4. Have someone keep you accountable: This is super important. For me, it's my fiance, but for you it can be a friend, a parent, a significant other, or a trainer. Every day, Tylor & I talk about what we did for our workout & how it felt. Even though most days our schedules don't allow us to workout together, we do our workouts on our own, knowing that the other will ask about it later. I always feel weird when my response is, oh I didn't get to it today... haha so honestly, knowing that it's a topic of conversation encourages me to do something good so I can have something fun to share later! Trust me, it works! This is also a good way to have someone keep you accountable in taking care of your body & not letting yourself push TOO much (yes, this is totally a thing!) Sometimes, I will talk about something that's hurting or super sore & Tylor will recommend I take a rest day or a stretching/foam roll day. Hearing that from someone else takes the pressure off of me to "get my workout in" & instead encourages me to take care of my body.

5. Have a PLAN: Regardless of where you're at, it's always important to have a goal or a plan. I always recommend writing short term & long term goals. Short term goals help give you small successes as stepping stones towards your long term goals. My 12-week program Shred before you Wed (applicable for anyone looking for a short-term program, even if you're not getting married! :) has a section that focuses on your goals. Check out the book HERE  - and if you're looking for a program that will get you into a very consistent routine based around your hormone levels as a female, check out The Female's Ultimate Guide to Fitness HERE

I would LOVE to help you in any way I can, so always feel free to email me with any questions! Hope these 5 tips help you get started in your journey towards a healthier you! <3 

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