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Wedding Planning: Keeping a Healthy Mindset

Oh where do I start with this one? :) I think what pushed me to write this post was the fact that every time I mention to someone that I'm getting married in a few months, they automatically say "oh you must be so stressed out!" And then I think well I wasn't really stressed, but should I be? hah! 

We got engaged 1 year ago & it has been a step by step, check list by check list type of process. I want this day to be the most memorable, so of course I am putting a lot into the planning, but it is by no means taking over my life & I am really proud to say that. So I wanted to share a few things that have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle & most importantly, sustain my sanity! 

  • Routine: As hard as it may be- continue doing your regular health, beauty & fitness routine. Your body will thank you for it! Keep up your regular routine - you may need to adjust your timeline a bit & that's okay, but don't skip the things you normally would do in your day. And if you don't have fitness routine, get on it girl! It will help you keep sane & give you that GLOW for your day! 
  • End Goal: Don't forget the end goal! To me, it's having a day that consists of every person we love in the same place, celebrating the fact that we are committing ourselves to each other. And to be honest, I don't want that to be pushed aside in order to have the most perfect decor or the exact timeline. I try to keep this in mind when things get a little stressful or hectic. Decisions need to be made & deposits need to be put down, but when it comes down to it - I don't want to let these decisions take priority over why we are planning this day to begin with! 
  • Connections: I can't hide the fact that this process has been a little smoother for me due to the fact that my family is in the wedding business (what's up Farm Tables & More! :) So of course, my mom & sister have been able to guide me in the right direction of vendors, but I also have friends & extended family that are willing to help with day of details which is amazing! My advice here is - ask around & get to know what secret talents your friends & family have. You don't necessarily have to pay thousands for a photographer when you have one in the family! You'd be surprised how many people are willing to help & be a part of your big day. Confide in these people to help you get details in place & take stress off of you! 
  • Timeline: YOU GUYS! The minute I put time aside to create a day of timeline - hour by hour, detail by detail - it made me feel SO MUCH better! It allowed me to see the gaps & who I needed to email for more details. The more you can do before the final month, the less stressful the last few days will be & to me that is most important. I don't want to be concerned with things other than spending time with all my loved ones as they are coming into town to celebrate & focusing my attention on my one & only (kissy face insert here haha)

In the end, you want to look back on this day & remember soaking in every moment, no matter how quickly it goes by (& I have heard it goes SO fast!). So maintain your sanity, keep a routine & keep your end goal in mind because that is most important! 

xoxo - H