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It may be poor weather, time of day or dangerous conditions, whatever your reason is for not being able to train outdoors - no worries! Here are some modifications: 

No Access to a Hill

*Treadmill Needed*

  • Do the hills on the treadmill at an incline & speed that feels comfortable, yet challenging. During the "Downhill" jog, simply decrease the incline & speed to a slow jog & stay there for about 20 seconds.
    • Frog Jumps uphill - leave the treadmill on an incline & very SLOW speed, start on the floor behind the treadmill & "frog jump" onto it, towards the top of the belt. Hold the side railings, hop to the side of the belt, off the treadmill & do it again for about 10 frog jumps (a frog jump is usually about 3 ft long so 10 would equal about the length of the hill).
    • Walking Lunges & Running Backwards - place treadmill on the incline at a slow speed & do what feels comfortable. Do about 10 walking lunges/leg. Start the "running backwards" at a walking pace to get the feel of this on the treadmill. Then bump up the speed in order to simulate the running backward uphill.
    • Mountain Climbers, Jump Squats, Jump Lunges, etc. : for these other exercises that are to be done during the hill workout, simply hop off the treadmill & complete them on the floor. 

Unable to Run/HIIT Outdoors

*Treadmill Needed* 

Do the mile & HIIT on a treadmill - and if you are able, hop to the side of the belt during the "rest" time rather than slowing it down (as this takes time). BUT for the longer rest periods, you can turn down the speed & walk/slow jog on the treadmill, as long as you have the time to bump it back up (aka during 25 second or longer training intervals). The most important part with all of these is to keep your heart rate UP!

Sometimes being on a treadmill even HELPS you because you are unable to "quit" or "slow down" as you are completing your intervals/running. Just be sure to regularly increase the speed & inclines as you get stronger & faster!