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“it works!”

"I am a working mom of 3 beautiful children & I decided that I wanted my body back! It was my time now! Helen got me started on her SBYW program - she motivated & encouraged me. The program is so amazing & it works! Even for a busy mom like me! It's made me stronger, thinner & happier! I can't wait to see my results at the end! Thanks Helen!" 

— Olya

“ of the best investments in my health & well-being!”

Helen's meal plans are phenomenal!  She created a gluten-free, vegan 30 day personalized meal plan and it is one of the best investments in my health and well-being I have made.  Each day I have breakfast, two snacks, lunch, dinner and a dessert option all planned out for me.  The meals are delicious and her recipes are clear and precise. In fact, the meals are so wonderful my family of five eats all the dinners along with me and enjoys each one.  In addition, eating this healthy has given me an energy boost.  I believe my body loves the "clean" fuel I've been giving it.  Eating healthy has never been easier or tastier!

— Kim

"It is meant to promote self-love & to empower yourself"

— @theblondeinpink on FUGF


“Helen came along & made it so simple & easy for me!”

Helen is a fantastic trainer, motivator and nutritionalist! I started working with her a few months ago. I have three kids (between the ages of 18 months and 7 years old) and I was never able to figure out how to lose my last 13 lbs of baby weight. Just seemed like I couldn’t do anything that would get me back to my pre pregnancy body. I was discouraged and thought that I would never get back there since it has been seven years. Helen came along and made it so simple and easy for me! 

I followed her 6-week meal plan and did her workouts. She tailored it perfectly for my needs and gave me the motivation I needed to cut out some bad habits out of my life! I am still so surprised that it worked! After seven years of not being able to loose those last pounds of pregnancy weight I was able to get back to my original weight and clothes size in just 4 months! The greatest thing is that this was not a crash diet or anything crazy. It was a true life change! I ate real foods which were simple and HEALTHY! I was never hungry and actually felt more energized then ever before! The workouts started off simple and short to help me get into a good routine and then transitioned into more challenging and longer as I was ready for them. 

Helen truly cares about her clients and does a great combination of tough love and encouragement! She has not just given me a plan to follow but has taught and trained me how to live a truly healthy lifestyle on my own now! The benefits of which included me getting back my body after 3 babies and more importantly having the tools I needed to continue on in this journey of healthy living!!! Thank you Helen from the bottom of my heart! 

— Angelina

“...easy to follow plan that will guide & motivate you...”

Helen's Guide to Shredded Abs is a comprehensive, easy to follow plan that will guide and motivate you to get those defined abs you've always wanted! I love all of her workouts and clean-eating tips as well. Every little bit of motivation helps!

— Jill


“Progress > Perfection”

In 12 weeks I lost 15 lbs & gained a new passion for fitness and clean eating. What I love most about Shred before you Wed's 12 week workout program was that your daily were right there in front of you, super easy to follow, while pushing your endurance & strength each new day. Hard work pays off & there's no way I'm going back to my old ways. I'm committed to continue this journey for life! Progress > Perfection!

— @lovelyamystyle

“thank you for your inspiration & dedication to us ladies!”

Well Helens it's been 12 weeks! I am proud that I stuck to it, and I am excited to say I have definitely become more flexible, and more schedule-minded with my workouts. I am excited to continue my workout routines and get leaner and stronger :) thank you for your inspiration & dedication to us ladies!

— @melodyax

“getting me through a #motivationalmonday workout”

This amazing day-by-day workout guide by @bodiesbyh is getting me through a #motivationalmonday workout

— @toreystreasures

“You could say we're obsessed + highly recommend her e-book...”

This week we were fortunate enough to have @bodiesbyh send us over her new ebook called, The Female's Ultimate Guide to Fitness. This book takes into account the fluctuating hormones us, as females, have & not only explains why our workouts should be different than males, but it gives us the exact workouts we should be doing! This book also includes delicious recipes...You could say we're obsessed + highly recommend her e-book if you're looking for a bit more motivation this week

— @detailsdarling

“I can already see myself looking leaner, my muscles more defined, and my body finding increased flexibility!”

Most importantly, I love the message of this book -- it is not meant to be a quick weight loss fix. It is meant to promote self-love and to empower yourself, to listen to your body and do what's best for it. I particularly love the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training exercises in this book, and now in week three, I can already see myself looking leaner, my muscles more defined, and my body finding increased flexiblity! 

*To read Meghan's full review on FUGF, visit her blog!

— @theblondeinpink