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Q: What’s different about this program?

A: The Female’s Ultimate Guide to Fitness is different than other programs because it does not have a specific time frame – it is a lifestyle program. This book teaches you how to keep up a consistent workout routine for life. It teaches you the basic primal movements of your body & allows you to create your own workouts (when you’re ready!) based off a color coding format within the workouts & glossary.

Also, this guide is specific to females & takes into account your monthly hormone level changes. If possible, you want to start day 1 of the workouts on the first day of your menstrual cycle. Visit Page 4 for more details on what goes on in your body during the days of menstruation as well as the days after & leading up to it! This page also explains why you should be completing certain types of workouts on certain days.

Q: How do I follow the program?


The CALENDAR: The Female’s Ultimate Guide to Fitness is a 28-Day program that is meant to be repeated each month. It is a generic calendar that provides you with 5-6 workouts to do each week with at least 1 rest day. Follow this calendar as best as you can each month, prioritizing the completion of the strength days each week.

The WORKOUTS: Most of the strength training workouts in this program are based on a superset format. Each column is meant to be looked at individually & you should not move onto the next column until you complete the first set of exercises in the first column. Review Page 8 of FUGF for more details on how to follow the format of the workouts.

Q: What if my menstrual cycle is irregular or I use a form of birth control that limits the amount of periods I have?

A: This is a little tricky, but my best recommendation is to try to remember when you had your last period & figure out what week of the month you would have your period if it was regular. Then, use that week of the month as week one.

NOTE: It is totally okay to follow this program without knowing exactly when your period is. The program is made up of regular workouts that cycle through different strength & endurance phases. You will get stronger, leaner & healthier regardless of what days of the month you do what, but you just may not reap the full benefits of following the program based off of your hormone levels! I highly recommend you trying to gain a consistent cycle through a healthy lifestyle, or at least talking with your doctor & finding out why it is not.

Q: What if I am pregnant?

A: This is NOT a prenatal/postnatal program. If you are a healthy woman who has a consistent workout background & you notice that this program is similar to what you have been doing, it may be safe to follow this program in your first two trimesters of pregnancy. But like I said, it is not a program meant for pregnant women, so please consult with your doctor before beginning this guide.

Q: What if I am post-menopause?

A: Once you reach the post-menopause phase, your hormone levels lower significantly & do not fluctuate nearly as much as during menstruation years. This being the case, my recommendation is to continue on a consistent workout routine & go through the weeks in this program as you choose (as long as your doctor approves this program).

Q: What do I do if I miss a workout day?

A: If you have to miss a workout day, treat it as a SSC day – meaning don’t miss a Strength day. Prioritize your Strength days (you only have 2-3 per week!) & if you need to do it on a day that was meant to be a SSC day, that is okay!

Q: Do I warm up before the workouts?

A: YES please! Although warm ups are not provided before the workout, I recommend completing a 5 minute warm up including dynamic stretches & a gradual increase in heart rate. For warm up ideas, visit my YouTube page:

NOTE: On your SSC days, a “warm up” is not necessary, but I highly recommend beginning your cardio at a lower intensity for the first few minutes before getting into the depth of your cardio workout.

Q: Are the Recipes catered to a specific way of eating (i.e. gluten free, vegan, paleo, etc)?

A: No, these recipes are just the way that I personally prefer to eat. I like to think of it as “clean eating.” These recipes use whole ingredients, little grains & just a small amount of dairy. Some recipes may happen to be paleo, grain-free or dairy free. If you notice that you enjoy a specific way of eating, feel free to play off of these recipes & just use them as ideas! Tweak them to fit your personal style of eating! 

Q: Is the Recipes section meant to be a meal plan for one week?

A: Not exactly. If you wanted to try it as a meal plan, you could, but I did not create it for that purpose. If you do use it as a meal plan, I do NOT recommend having a dessert each day – but rather 1-2 times/week…sorry! J

Q: What if I don’t understand how to complete the exercises based off the photos?

A: If after reading through the glossary (pages 30-49) you are not confident in how to complete the exercises, visit my YouTube page ( to view videos of every exercise in the glossary! They are split into playlists organized just like the book’s glossary. Even if you feel you might know how to complete each exercise, view the videos to solidify your technique!

Q: What if I want to complete a higher-intensity program to target specific areas or to prepare for a specific event?

A: Because The Female’s Ultimate Guide to Fitness is meant to be a lifestyle guide that puts you into a consistent workout routine, it is okay to throw in something different or new every once in awhile. For example, if you want to try an 8 or 12-week, high intensity program, go for it! This program is meant to be the one that you go back to after completing programs like that. If you are interested in a higher-intensity program for an event, check out my 12-week workout guide Shred before you Wed!

Q: Does your program include stretches?

A: Yes! I have an entire section that is focused on gentle, Recovery stretches & flows. I give you options of “yoga flows” to complete your stretches, or you can choose to create your own flows!


*If your question was not answered on this page, please email me at - I would love to get all of your questions about this book answered!