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These ebooks include getting into shape for you wedding, having a strong core and toned abs, eating a healthy diet and workouts for the female who wants to know how to workout around her menstrual cycle. These ebooks are meant to be at home fitness books that give you the flexibility to live a healthy life without too much extra effort!

Shred before you Wed 12-Week Workout Guide

Shred before you Wed 12-Week Workout Guide



If you are getting married soon or you simply want to better your health & fitness, this 12-Week Workout & Nutrition Guide is calling your name! 

This guide not only includes images & explanations for daily workouts, but it provides you with weekly goal setting & places to write down your progress. On top of that, the Nutrition Guidelines help you stay on track with what you are fueling your body with so your workouts not only strengthen your body, but allow you to lose fat & tone up.

I created this guide to target the young, busy female. This is the way I train - short workouts 6 days a week, mixing in High Intensity Interval Training, Circuits, Light-Weight toning, Plyometrics & Hill workouts. 

I guarantee that you will not only LOVE the style of this guide, but you WILL see results in 12 weeks or less. This guide challenges you, but it is friendly for the beginner as the workouts start off lighter & increase in difficulty, but you also have the freedom to push yourself more or less depending on your activity level.

The reason why this guide is greatly priced is because I don't want finances to be an excuse. I want YOU to change your body for the better, so I priced it as low as possible to allow you to purchase something that will change your life without breaking the bank. 

I challenge you to push yourself & begin this guide - you will NOT regret it.

For motivation & transformation images of my girls doing this guide, visit my Instagram page: @shredbeforeyouwed

xoxo ~ H

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