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These ebooks include getting into shape for you wedding, having a strong core and toned abs, eating a healthy diet and workouts for the female who wants to know how to workout around her menstrual cycle. These ebooks are meant to be at home fitness books that give you the flexibility to live a healthy life without too much extra effort!

The "P" Philosophy 6-Week Meal Plan

The "P" Philosophy 6-Week Meal Plan


Helen guides you into a well-balanced meal plan that explores the "fad diets." Her ebook is a 6-week meal plan that plays off of the letter "P" - having each week change the type of foods you are eating depending on its theme. It includes grocery lists for each week, a dessert list, snack options & each meal has the exact ingredients & directions for how to make it.

Week Overview: 

1 ~ Purify: Based on simple, “clean” recipes

2 ~ Planted: A week of a plant-based diet: no grains, meat or dairy

3 ~ Protein: Similar to a “paleo” diet 

4 ~ Portions: Contains 5 small “meals” daily to help boost your metabolism 

5 ~ Painted: Recipes filled with colors – beets & purple cabbage included! 

6 ~ Play: Your turn to modify recipes to better meals for your taste

This meal plan will not only challenge you through 6 weeks of eating well, but will also teach you the importance of maintaining this type of diet after the plan is completed. 

Take this 6-week challenge & expand your pallet! 


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