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These ebooks include getting into shape for you wedding, having a strong core and toned abs, eating a healthy diet and workouts for the female who wants to know how to workout around her menstrual cycle. These ebooks are meant to be at home fitness books that give you the flexibility to live a healthy life without too much extra effort!

Your Guide to Shredded Abs

Your Guide to Shredded Abs


This eBook is a progressive 4-Phase program that Helen created to focus on strengthening & toning the core. You work through these phases at your own pace & move forward as you reach the outlined goals. 

The program is based on a high-intensity interval training style & each phase gets progressively more difficult with longer intervals. Your goal is to work through the program regularly 4 days a week & each workout takes between 10 and 20 minutes. 

Photos & descriptions for each exercise are provided as well as a page on Nutrition & small healthy eating tips throughout each phase. 

Charts are also provided at the end of each phase to help you keep track of your progress & know when you are ready for the next phase. 

The file is downloaded onto your computer as soon as you purchase it & you can print it out for easy access! 

Good luck! :) 


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